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Where to Dig

The Klinker Opal Property is located in the mountains approximately 40 kilometres by road from Vernon, BC, and is situated at an elevation of about 1500 metres above sea level.

All trips to the Klinker Opal Mine leave from a pre-designate site, and you must have your own vehicle. No transportation is provided. Pre-registration is required! Digging trips operate from mid June to mid September weather permitting. The property is readily accessible by most two wheel drive vehicles but parts of the road is very rough. SUV's are best, but any vehicle with reasonable ground clearance will do.

There are some 20 kilometres of gravel/dirt logging road to travel and portions of this road are quite steep and rough.

When to Dig

""Fee digging"" trips will commence when weather and ground conditions permit in June and will run until mid to late September weather permitting.

The trips will run rain or shine and are normally restricted to Friday, Saturday and Sunday (also Monday on long weekends). Please phone for special arrangements for groups of six or more or weekday digs.

Sunny days are best for hunting when the play of color in the opal will be much more easily detected. Your trip guide will provide an orientation which will assist in finding opal under most weather conditions.

What it Costs

A daily fee of $50 CDN is charged - family rates may apply(conditions). This will allow each individual paid guest to remove up to 2.5 kilograms. (~5 lbs.) of ""material"" (opal, agate, rock, etc.) from the property.

How to Prepare

Safety equipment is required to be worn while actively digging, hammering and chiseling rock - specifically safety glasses and good gloves. Good boots are recommended.

A list of equipment and supplies required or recommended is given below but please assess your own needs. No mechanized equipment will be allowed - hand tools only. Some tools are available for free use.



  • personal food, water and clothing needs (rain gear)
  • safety glasses or other face/eye protection device
  • good gloves (leather work gloves recommended)
  • good foot wear (leather hiking boots recommended)
  • small pick and shovel
  • various shovels, bars and hammers as desired
  • sample bags and/or buckets
  • water spray bottle (please bring it full of water)


  • butt cushion
  • ground sheet
  • camera penlight
  • flashlight
  • mineral glass (hand lens)
  • bug repellent
  • sun screen
  • hat
Examples of Digging Success:

To reserve your dig

E-mail: to reserve a dig.

Please provide the following information:
Your name and contact information (address, email, phone) Desired date of dig, Number of diggers, Number of days digging. Confirmation is required.

To book overnight camping

If you have booked a one-day dig and think it's not enough, why not camp overnight on our property and stay for two days.

*Note: camping is only applicable for customers who book a dig with us.

Click the below 'Book on HIPCAMP' to book your camping.

What to do now?

So you found an opal or two, what now?

Many collectors just want to keep the pieces they find as specimens and others ask us to clean them up. Then there are those of you that will find some good pieces of opal (solid or boulder opal) that can be cut and polished into gemstones and which can be made into jewellery.

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Or contact us below if you have further questions