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Canadian gemstones are attracting International attention.

Precious Opal is a rare and internationally acclaimed gemstone not previously found in Canada in commercially viable deposits; however British Columbia, Canada is on the threshold to becoming a significant new source of this beautiful gemstone.

People worldwide desire opal! We have the best in Canada! Opal Resources Canada Inc. is the leader and trendsetter in British Columbia's ""Opal Industry"".

Opal Resources Canada Inc. earned 100% right, title and interest in the Klinker ""Okanagan Opal"" Deposit in 2009. This is Canada's first and so far only commercially viable Opal deposit. The Klinker Precious Opal Deposit was discovered in British Columbia in 1991. The Klinker Opal Deposit was explored and developed extensively from 1993 to 1999 during which time comprehensive exploration/development work was conducted including, bulk sampling, product testing and proto-type product development programs. Designing and test marketing of opal jewellery products commenced in 1995.

By the end of 1999 a commercially viable precious opal deposit had been identified. Market development and product line has expanded to the point where commercial production and wholesale market development is feasible but full commercial production remains subject to raising sufficient investment funds to implement commercial mining and opal processing activities to support expansion to full commercial marketing activities.

In 2002, a thirty year Mining Lease covering a 50 hectare (~120acre) mineral property was obtained and permits and bonds required to conduct small scale production of ""Okanagan Opal"" from the Klinker Opal Deposit are in place. 

The Okanagan Opal Business has been developed vertically, integrated from the mining stage (raw material production) to the finished jewellery sales stage; to take full advantage of the various value added opportunities in order to be competitive and optimize profitability. Some off-shore opal cutting is viewed as a necessity to fully utilize all commercial grades and types of material recovered from mine production; however, the best gem grade Opal continues to be cut in Canada.

Limited off-shore cutting was commenced in 2004 and is continuing. Production of common opal, jelly opal (often referred to as fire opal) and agate jewellery, utilizing by-product material was tested in 2005 and more is planned. Retail sales and product development have continued over the period and the market for ""Okanagan Opal"" is expected to rise steadily once commercial production and wholesale marketing commences. Production and retail marketing success to date provides solid proof that the brightness and varied play of color exhibited by ""Okanagan Opal"" is appealing to locals, visiting Canadians and International tourists alike. ""Okanagan Opal"" gemstones and jewellery has become a prominent tourist commodity with high growth potential; particularly considering increasing trend of tourism in the Okanagan.

Final stages of preparing the Klinker Opal Deposit for full commercial production have been completed.

Since August 2002 limited production has occurred providing raw product for the creation of finished opal product to meet product development and market development needs. An adequate supply of Opal has been identified to meet preliminary production and market development needs for the foreseeable future. Further exploration is planned to delineate the full extent of the known opal occurrences on and adjacent to the Klinker mineral lease.

Opal Resources Canada Inc. will continue to expand the broadly varied line of ""Okanagan Opal"" products. The Company is seeking joint venture opportunities through which to expand its market and will increase production as market expansion occurs. In-house opal cutters and jewellery designers work closely with experts in their field and have the equipment and ability to utilize state of the art computer aided design to create unique setting designs in wax; which are then cast by one of Canada’s top gold casting companies to ensure top quality product design and casting quality.

Further product development and additional exploration to determine the full extent of the commercial grade opal reserves is planned. 

Business Opportunity

The Opal Resources Canada Inc. is seeking joint venture (JV) investment opportunities in order to actively pursue full commercial production/exploitation of the Klinker Opal Deposit and the Okanagan Opal Business.

Parties interested in participating in this truly Canadian gemstone project are encouraged to present ideas to the Company directly.

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