Hunting Canadian Opals

Hunting Canadian Opals

       -- An Adventure Like No Other


With the lifting of the pandemic darkness across the globe, a monumental stampede begins to experience those escapades that lock-downs previously eliminated.  Millions of tourists will race along to the usual vacation spots -- cruises, amusement parks, tropical islands, beach-side resorts and the like.

However, a hardy and select few vie for something out of the ordinary. They will seek out treasure in a new place they've never been; experience a new adventure to regale for a lifetime. They will possess exquisite souvenirs that will provide a legacy across generations.

Imagine. This winter comes holiday gatherings. Others will display phone pictures of silly party hats, loud amusement park T-shirts, and typical paper-umbrella laden drinks. Their fun was a boisterous and now fleeting memory.

Then the conversation shifts towards you. Quietly there comes a knowing smile and a gentle turn of your hand. The flash of a ring, the sparkle of earrings, or the gleam of a stunning pendant catches the eye, commands the attention and captures the imagination. And you weave a riveting tale of your adventure of a lifetime. You traveled to the majestic wilds of British Columbia. You joined a caravan to the only active opal mine in the entire Dominion of Canada, then personally hunted and dug from the earth those stunning Canadian Opals. Yes, you arranged to have them refined into the custom jewelry you are proudly wearing at that moment.


Imagine the look on their faces...


Millions of people will do the "same old, same old". Very few will ever seek and find the unique opportunity of visiting the breathtaking beauty of the British Columbia and unearth precious gemstones  that will become a personal, fine jewelry heirloom.

The picturesque small city of Vernon rests nestled amidst the splendid lakes and mountain majesty, 275 miles northeast of Vancouver, perched far enough to shake off common bustling tourists, yet close enough to offer the individual an experience of a deeply rewarding quest.

An expedition to search for opals there is actually available, affordable and eminently rewarding. Up a rugged logging road, 25 miles beyond Vernon, is a large open area, a former logging site. Deforested for the moment, but the area is replanted and growing a new crop of trees.  With the big trees temporarily gone, the land reveals what it has been hiding for thousands of years --OPALS!


Discovered in 1991,the Klinker Opal Property is at an elevation of 4000 feet above sea level. In a unique offering, Opal Resources Canada, Inc. (ORCI), allows limited numbers of the public in to work the varied terrain in search of precious jewels in their natural state. There are numerous spots to set-to-task.  From piles of mined debris to hard rock, the diverse surfaces require strong dedication and extreme focus to the undertaking.  There are myriad, rough, undiscovered gemstones awaiting to be uncovered and claimed by those few devoted enough to the challenge. If you are truly serious, bring along the recommended tools and your camping gear; consider staying on-site and digging for two or more days!

Trips to the Klinker Opal Mine leave caravan style, in your own vehicle. Preregistration is required! ORCI allows digging only from mid June to mid September, when ground conditions and weather allow for property access and hand excavations. ORCI also supplies a company guide to help with orientation, identification of types of opals, and any assistance needed. Be advised, the expedition goes on rain or shine that day! As you work you can feel the emotional excitement start to take hold. Just as it did for the Yukon Gold Strike.


Since ancient times opal stones have been praised and believed to hold mystic powers. Sages of old equated the brilliant gleam of opals to roiling volcanoes, distant galaxies, and exploding fireworks. Ardent admirers bestowed extraordinary opals romantic names like "Light of the World", and "Empress". Ancient Romans regaled this gem as symbolizing ardent love and endless hope. The Romans also gave the gem its name—opalus—synonymous with “precious stone.”

Throughout time cultures have credited opal with alleged supernatural origins and powers. Arabic legends claim opals fell straight from the heavens in blinding flashes of lightning. The classical Greeks believed opals bestowed owners with the gift of prophecy and even worked to guard them from the most dreaded of disease. Europeans across the ages long considered the opal a symbol of hope, purity, and truth.

Opal is considered an October birthstone, one of only special 12 gems selected for such an honor. Throughout history, opal has been regarded among the luckiest and most magical of all gems because it can embody all other gemstone colors.

Precious minerals and gemstone deposits are historically, geographically and geologically rare. Usually uncovered in highly remote locations, seemingly so distant in time, place and that permissible opportunities such like this are thought to be little more than a wild dream.   


In reality, such discoveries still exist. You found one here! Explore the brisk beauty of Canada in the region around the Klinker Opal Field. Obtain a rich experience, lifetime memories, and personal jewels to cherish. Even with production rising steadily, Opal Resources Canada Inc, the owners, still hold a tradition of annually opening  the property for a limited time. Plan now to be one of the small groups to embark on a search for unique and treasured gems.


Again, remember that  seasonal weather conditions only allow access to the site from June through September. And being a commercial property, the public admittance is restricted to certain days during those months. But, with determination and guidance from experts, success awaits for your quest.


Other vacations will seem terribly mundane after this. Imagine yourself in the crisp, limitless skies of British Columbia, uncovering precious opals for yourself! Just remember, like the gems, the fortuity is rare, restricted both by calendar and numbers. Reserve Now!


An extraordinary adventure and a treasure for the ages awaits.

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