Fathom Stone Art Gallery is the primary distributor of Canadian precious opal product utilizing opal mined from the "Klinker Deposit" located 25 kms. north-west of Vernon, British Columbia.


Opal Resources Canada Inc. is a vertically integrated business; the first in Canada to commercially mine and market Canadian precious opal gemstones and finished opal jewellery. Many of the settings are custom designed in-house. We conduct the mining, cutting and setting of our opal gemstones.

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Visit Fathom Stone Art Gallery on Gallery Row in the Hilton Hotel, Whislter, BC in person to see a wonderful variety of Okanagan Opal gemstones, available in many different settings, styles and colours.

Earrings, pendants, rings or unset stones - there is something available for every taste and budget! 

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 Unless otherwise noted, all opal products sold on this site are genuine Canadian Opals 

 mined from the Klinker deposit located near Vernon, BC