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 All opal products sold on this site are genuine Canadian Opals 

 mined from the Klinker deposit located near Vernon, BC 

Fathom Stone Art Gallery is the primary distributor of Canadian precious opal product utilizing opal mined from the "Klinker Deposit" located 25kms north-west of Vernon, British Columbia.


Opal Resources Canada Inc. is a vertically integrated business; the first in Canada to commercially mine and market Canadian precious opal gemstones and finished opal jewellery. Many of the settings are custom designed in-house.We conduct the mining, cutting and setting of our opal gemstones.

Gift Shop

Visit Fathom Stone Art Gallery on Gallery Row in the Hilton Hotel, Whislter, BC in person to see a wonderful variety of Okanagan Opal gemstones, available in many different settings, styles and colours.

Earrings, pendants, rings or unset stones - there is something available for every taste and budget!